Pride of Rajasthan

Once the capital of the kingdom known as Marwar - Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination, featuring many palaces, forts and temples, The city is known as the "Sun City" and some time called "Blue City" The city enjoy good strategic road linking with Delhi to Gujarat. This enabled it to profit from a flourishing trade in opium, copper, silk, sandals, date palms and coffee. Jodhpur qualifies to be a major metro as it hold within is hold all important landmark such as high end hospitals like AIIMS, superior educational institute like DPS & JNU, entertainment like mall/multiplexes, planned refinery, small & middle scale industries, hotels & tourist resorts, important communication links like railway station & Airport etc. The Lifestyle in Jodhpur is unusually fascinating with vibrant rich colors, costumes& rich collection of exquisite handicrafts. It is a land where happiness swings with your dreams.

Magnificent Landscape

Enter the "Parsvnath City Jodhpur" and be greeted with broad well planned & lit tree lined roads, singing of the birds, Sweet odour of flowers, Sun kissed fresh air and ample of landscaped greens presenting a scenic beauty to enhance the joy of living to make every morning and evening special.

Fitness Enthusiast

Fitness is fashionable and an important aspect of life. The Club full of activities, to promote a health and fitness will make you feel like a man with an urge to discover, to explore a whirl of liveliness. A fortified club within the city is a perquisite that comes your way to compliment your lifestyle.

Congenial living in the beauty of serenity

Come live amongst over hundred families in the functional Ultra Morden Jodhpur township. Parsvnath City brings alive a chance to have a luxurious life style in this majestic land. The wonderful landscapes softly whispers as you pass through the greenery that comes
like an oasis, promising truly amazing and blissful life.

Shopping & Hospitality Paradise

The state-of-the art Shopping Malls and hotels, built to international standards shall provide the convenience and shopping pleasure right in the ear marked sites of Parsvnath City. Of course providing business opportunity on one hand and satisfying need to shop and get entertained at the other.

Education Glore

The school combines the academic excellence with activities, facilities, first class teaching with traditional values. The educational institutes are at close proximity with a wide range of cultural & sporting opportunities. The ideal combination of various world- class amenities provide an exact ambience for the all round development of youth to step into successful careers and to make contribution to the community.