Welcome to the land where the liquid notes of the birds waken you at dawn. Houses where khus mats waft in the aroma of cool freshness. Where little girls run with anklets making silver music.

Away from the congestion and pollution of city life. Bang along the famous Grand Trunk Road, nestles Parsvnath King Citi, Rajpura. Along National Highway 1 near the erstwhile royal state of Patiala, where once roared the Lion of Punjab, Ranjit Singh. That royal style of living now beckons you. With agriculture as its base, Rajpura also boasts of a few industries, including pharmaceuticals.

Come to where a lifestyle close to nature reigns.
Come to Parsvnath King Citi, Rajpura.

Location of preference

Parsvnath King Citi, Rajpura is: The first city of Punjab and the gateway of Punjab.

Parsvnath King Citi lies at the strategic centre point amidst the major cities of Chandigarh, Panchkula, Ambala, Patiala and Fathehpur Sahib, Gobindgarh Mandi.

The juxtaposition of culture, industry and development.

Nostalgia of luxuries - in a series of brilliant moves

Move in to a world-class address. Reminiscent of life 'back-home' with the entire conglomeration of luxury and comforts. Come close to the intrinsic culture, the ethos and enjoy the fragrance of the land which vibrant Indians can never forget.

The pawn that reaches the other side becomes a queen!

Ensure that your tiny tots shift towards the new lines of royalty.. Rajpura will rise in academic wisdom, with three primary and secondary schools. The finest faculty with the best of amenities. Sports, games, well stacked libraries and crafts. Watch your child's personality develop with a winning streak !

Aspirations of world - class lifestyles - your home is your castle

The castle at the end . . . where you come home to safety. Move in straight long lines towards comfort and luxury.

Designed by discerning planners, King Citi is composed of exciting street-scapes, landscaped parks, a top-of-the-line club, medical and education facilities , commercial areas and grand, well guarded gates with security. It is a carefully planned, self contained township with a totally integrated infrastructure.

It provides the ideal temptation to come and live with panache and rediscover your roots back home. Come with your mate, to enjoy the game of kings.

The creation of an international class experience.

Chequered board for commercial success

The chess board of the finest commercial mall awaits bright entrepreneurs. Designed on international lines with a massive plate glass frontage, an awesome atrium which gives high visibility to every showroom with escalators and elevators. Designed for maximum footfalls with anchor stores and ample parking space

It's the perfect venue for enterprise. Food courts, a multiplex, cafeterias, brand stores, fabric shops , boutiques, banks, ATMs . . . the works !

Shrewd retailers could become grand masters of their trade.