Metro Station of Promise

Parsvnath Akshardham Mall is located in the heart of Delhi, linking business hubs of Delhi and Noida. Catering to a huge potential population, the station serves connectivity with CP, Noida and Dwarka. This tallest, well laid out station is an excellent choice for servicing business interests as it provides easy access for both customers and employees apart from presenting an excellent opportunity for brand visibility.

where shopping is pleasurable

Offering the most convenient shopping destination-Parsvnath Mall at Akshardham station provides a chance to have many types of retail shops to cater to a large population of travelers, visiting the metro station or the famous Akshardham Temple.

Make the most of this business opportunity.

Where the food tastes better

Spacious food court at Parsvnath Mall shall bring to the daily travelers, a convenient option to ideally utilize their travel time by eating at the Food court.

Considering that the estimated daily traffic at the station is about 1 lac, it presents a great business proposition.

Functional Offices at their best

Imagine having an office at the Akashardham Metro Station next to the magnificent Akshardham Temple, conveniently connecting Noida, CF and East Delhi.

Spread over five level and standing 17.5 mtr. above the ground, it stretches up to 27,700 sq.mtr. approx. with provision for huge parking, it is indeed the most desirable address, for a select few, looking for value for money offices.