The artistic city of Moradabad is known in the international arena as a brass city. The artistic characteristics of the city have enchanted millions of people around the globe. From artifacts to drawing and paintings, Moradabad has given to the people of this world the taste of their artistic flavour. Industrial and commercial development has taken place at a fast pace because the labour and the raw material are easily available and manufactured goods are well accepted in the global markets.

Parsvnath Developers Ltd. brings to the people of this land a new style of living with their value for money project Parsvnath Pratibha, which offers a unique combination of independent living, both in low rise & high rise buildings. The project is an excellent blend of latest facilities, abundance of green/open spaces and modern architecture.

Parsvnath Pratibha is designed to provide an ambience of opulence that you truly deserve the lifestyle you have desired for long.With the provision of lifts in each block, all floors are parity to the ground floor because the access is made so easy, with the pleasure of living on top floor is not compromised. You can now enjoy viewing from second and third floor apart from the enjoyment of independent living. The large park surrounded by the Low/High rise built up make it a playing heaven for the children.

Your desire to live in heights will now be met as you feel the gush of fresh air at every moment. The fascination of living very high is something which is always exciting. Still you will have the luxury of independent living with helpful neighbours living close by. Your life will now be full of excitement with all the abundance of luxurious amenities that go at par with the way you wish to live.